Daroo Sahel Company

  • Daroo Sahel Company (Privately company) was established under the registration number 1044 in 2003, with the aim of working in the field of manufacturing medical devices and orthopedic products with experienced staff. After extensive research and consulting with reputable international companies, the company started its activities in 2007, according to the legal requirements for the production of medical devices by producing fiberglass and polyester orthopedic casting tape under the brand name of Robo Cast. In order to develop its activities, Daroo Sahel CO. succeeded in the production of fiberglass and polyester casting tape and splint under the brand names of Fiber Cast and Fiber Splint FG. Afterwards, according to Iranian national standard, the Plaster Of Paris bandage and splint product line was launched under the brand name of Fiber Gypseous and Fiber Gypseous splint. One of the most important goals of this company is implementing the quality management system and international standards for production of medical devices; in addition to improving the quality of products and supplying the domestic needs, that provides an opportunity for distributing products in international markets. Therefore, Daroo Sahel Company by considering all the regulatory requirements of ISO13485, with the view of research, development and localization of techniques and science of medical devices production, with the goal of serving Iranian medical society, hopes to have a bright future.


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Daroo Sahel products

product 1

Gypsum splints

  • Ease and convenience at work
  • High strength
  • High work speed and save time
  • Variety in size

Product 2

Gypsum band (P.O.P)

  • 100% Leo fabric, cotton and bleached
  • Use high purity plaster
  • Dry plaster quickly
  • Initial setting for 2 to 4 minutes

Product 3

Fiberglass bands

  • High strength
  • Light
  • High ability to pass X-rays
  • Ability to pass air in gypsum board